Group Company
Group Company

Forests Packaging Group consists of 5 branch companies, they are:

Shanghai Forests Packaging Group Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Coffe Packing Group Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Woods Packaging Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Unison Packaging Co., Ltd.,
Shanghai Chiquita  International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Forests Packaging Group Stock Corporation is our Headquarter, established in 1986. It is a professional company to manufacture kinds of packaging products, including paper box, corrugated box, color box, cardboard, carton box, paper bag, etc. We have more than 100 advanced equipment, such as German MAN Roland R904-7B four-color, R9055 five-color offset press , Heidelberg speed master CP102 four color sheet-fed offset press, Japanese Roybi 754 four color offset press, five advanced 5-ply Corrugated Board Production Lines, automatic Printing Slotting/Die-cutting Machines, automatic folder gluer, UV Spot and Overall Coating Machine, film blowing machines etc. We also supply the whole service to our customers, like design-making, plates-printing together with the late machining process. Our customers all over the world spread in different industry area. The company would like to take customers request as the most important things to do, to think over what the customers would care. At the same time, the company persists in team working spirit, develops innovation continually, to meet with the chance and challenge what brought by the Information Technology Age.
Shanghai Forests Packaging Group Co., Ltd. our foreign trading department, established in 2005, have 9 sales team, and shipping specialist, quoting system, professional design etc.

Shanghai Woods Packaging Co., Ltd. possesses 2 branches, one is focus on litho printing cartons, and the other is dedicated to flexo printing cartons. There have so many advance equipment for production, which makes sure high quality products we made.

Shanghai Coffe Packing Group Co., Ltd. is our factory branch, established in 2015 has offset printing and flexo printing plant, the whole production line, from Corrugated paper production line, offset/flexo printing equipment, laminating machine, glossy/matte varnished machine, glossy/matte lamination equipment, die cutting, CPT machine, stitching machine, automatic glue advice, etc. Same function as our headquarter.


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