Paper Mill
Paper Mill

Welcome to Forests Packaging Group Mill Manufacturing. Forests Packaging Group Mill Manufacturing was established in 1993 with the floor space  of 89,328 square meters. Advanced machines support our modern production. There is a thermal power plant, paper making workshop, sewage treatment plant, business building, training room, etc. Pulp and paper is a big part of what we do at Forests Packaging Group. We're proud of all the paper we produce by ourselves, in particular our recycled paper. That's because when we say that it's recycled, we mean it. Our recycled paper even includes approximately 90% of post-consumer waste. Our factory actively complies with governmental directives to establish environmental manufacturing. We have advance paper making construction, systematized sewage treatment, and environmental production management.

The basic components of paper making machinery are in accordance with the order of the formation of paper into the network, press, before drying, after pressing, after drying, calendering machine, reel, and so on. The process is that the pulp output from the headbox is dewatered in the net, compressed in the press section to make the paper layer uniform, dried, then the sizing is carried out after entry, and then dried. The calender makes the paper smooth and finally forms the mother roll through the reel. If you want to purchase our paper, contact us. Our warehouse will be yours. The scientific arrangement of the warehouse can support high capacity.

We have eight paper machines and they're used to produce recycled corrugated and kraft paper for the packaging and building industries. We can provide the best logistical support for high capacity productions. On average our machines produced over 0.5m tons of paper, including over 300,000 tons of 100% recycled fibre test liner, coated liner, and plasterboard liner; and over 200,000 tons of unbleached kraft paper.

Forests Packaging Group adopts advanced technology and first-class management; guaranteeing top grade products and perfect service. All of our pulp and paper mills have joint accreditation and are audited for ISO 9000 quality standards, ISO 1400 environmental standards, FSC certification, etc. After in-warehouse inspection all kraft paper could be put in storage and warehouse-out inspection again before shipping to branch factories and customers.
Atop our advanced factory we have a professional sales team. Paper purchase managers, come to us, we will show you our warehouse. Paper box purchase managers, if you choose us, you will experience our integrated service. Our team is ready at any time.
We are looking forward to your visit.

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