Printing is one of the important stages of production. Nice printing can make boxes beautiful and give the impression of a top grade, which can add value to the packaging and products. First-class facilities, technology, and management is a guarantee of prefect service and top grade products.

The Forests Packaging Group focuses on two major types of printing: litho (or offset) printing and specialized watermark (or flexo) printing.

Offset printing is a commonly used technique in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Offset printing invades every aspect of our lives from influencing education through the printing of books, periodicals, and other reading materials to the packaging industry by creative printing of packages for consumer goods.

Watermark printing works a little differently. It uses flexible plates mounted onto a cylinder. A partially immersed ink roller applies ink to an anilox roll which is covered in thousands of little cups or wells that distribute ink in a uniform thickness. The anilox roll spreads the ink on the printing plate. Then the substrate runs between the print roller and an impression cylinder. Finally the press feeds the substrate through a dryer to prevent smudging.

When orders are confirmed the designers will use a special machine to check things at the beginning of printing, and then recalibrate our printing computer again and again to avoid color variation, missing text, poor registration, and all kinds of printing problems, making sure that all printing contents and details and the printing position are the same as the customer’s printing design. And our professional designers will make printing proofs for confirming.

When customers confirm their satisfaction with the printing proofs, our technical staff will make printing plates on the advanced CTP machines such as the GAOBAO CTP, Koda CTP, etc. The printing plates will then be automatically assembled on the printing machines.

There are many kinds of advanced machines for printing that produce high quality products for our customers. Some of them are the Japanese Roybi, German Man Roland, and Heidelberg Speedmaster with a four-color sheet-fed press, automatic printing slotting, die-cutting machines, automatic folder gluer, and so on. The maximum of our German Man Roland printing machine could be 119 x 162cm; it is one of the biggest and most advanced pieces of printing equipment in the world, which increases efficiency to a large extent.

Besides, Forests Packaging Group has established a quick response mechanism to different product requirements and one-stop solution from monochrome through two-color, tricolor, and four-color flexo graphic printing to slotting and dye-cutting service. The quality of all technological requirements will be guaranteed.

To achieve nice printing all detectors are used for color checking. The lights are of the national standard, pantone color cards can match colors according to customers’ specification, and color density detector is available for checking colors precisely. We will follow colors if you have printing samples.

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